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Survey Alerts enables businesses to get immediate feedback from customers or employees to gain insights into how well your business is operating as well as instant management alerts based on specific survey responses. Survey Alerts can help you build relationships with your customers and helps you to better target promotions and other news to the right customers.

The Survey Alerts system delivers mobile surveys that have your own business name and questions you can edit whenever you want, and your employees or customers can access the surveys at any time via a mobile phone or online. Through our secure portal, we provide thorough reporting and analytics tools. The Survey Alert System works for any consumer-focused service, business or organization as well as any company interested in collecting immediate insights from people on-the-go.

The Problems Faced by Businesses:

  • Business owners frequently receive inadequate consumer feedback.
  • Most survey feedback is read weeks after the customer were there.
  • Customers who have an unfavorable experience aren't able to be helped in time.
  • Analyzing data from paper surveys is tedious, time consuming and costly.
  • Traditional paper surveys have extremely low participation rates.
  • The level of detail and accuracy often makes the feedback irrelevant.

How Survey Alerts can help your Business:

  • Instant customer feedback from easy-to-use mobile surveys.
  • Insights are delivered to management immediately.
  • Data is automatically stored and can be analyzed online.
  • Determine how well you've performed with your customers.
  • Figure out what unmet needs your customers have that you can deliver.
  • Generate ideas for new products or services.
  • Identify new opportunities.
  • Survey completed on-site and results delivered in real-time.
  • Information is more accurate and relevant.
  • Improve day to day service performance based on results.
  • Easy to use and easy to edit surveys.
  • Elevated consumer participation.
  • Instant resolution allows for more effective customer recovery.
  • Real-time reactions from consumers.

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