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AcquireLogix offers the best in quality the bunch of products and services in MMS (Mobile Messaging) which delivers high performance solutions to enterprises to get high returns on the investment.

The AL MMS solutions will take the enterprises towards higher growth rate in their vertical. One can see the glimpse here:

m Commerce

The evolving era is moving towards m- commerce (Business is in your hand, grow it with AL’s product and services). M stands for mobile i.e. wherever you are, you can run and grow your business with a single click from your handset.

  • Inform your customers by SMS (Push and Pull Technology).
  • Book your air ticket or train ticket.
  • Pay bill from mobile by SMS.
  • Invest in stocks
  • Take Loan information
  • Track your courier
  • Track the delivery by Transport
  • Supply chain management – stock update, inventory count etc.

AcquireLogix offers best unique messing smsc solutions.

Like message in volumes with speed and accuracy to your customers and closed ones and widen the arena of wireless communication

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Bulk Email Solutions

AcquireLogix offers bulk Email solutions.

Bulk Email is referred to email that is sent to many recipients at one time. Bulk email concept is followed by business groups and companies..

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GPS/GSM Vehicle Tracking

AcquireLogix has unique, multiple points of access.

Vehicle tracking technology is one of a range of services made possible by GPS (global positioning system) satellite signals. Using this..

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Call Mgmnt. Calling Alerts

AcquireLogix has unique, call management calling alerts.

Call Management is a system that you set in place to deal with calls that come into your business and deals with them in a ways et out by you..

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