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This is a platform to pull the information on demand anywhere and anytime via SMS from shortcode or longcode number within India and worldwide. Pull Zone is web based software facilitates in fetching/pulling the information on demand.

Pull Zone Benefits To

  • Customers – Any Category, Anytime and anywhere
  • Enterprises – all verticals
  • Workforce – Junior to CXO level
  • Stakeholders


  • It is web based interactive software which pulls information on demand instantly.
  • The process of opening the software is very simple: Login: Compose and Send.
  • The pull zone supports both GSM and CDMA mobile handsets.
  • Give personalized or professional touch in composing the message.
  • Compose the message and save as draft as SMS template to send it later.
  • Create your own profile and sender ID.
  • Create sender ID in alphanumeric characters too.
  • Log out from pull zone to reach to your set favorite URL.
  • Upload the list of mobile numbers by browsing.
  • Customize your message with header.
  • Manage your credits by seeing the reports and transacting online.
  • Update your credit limit.
  • Manage your keywords.
  • Get the comprehensive MIS reports.
  • AcquireLogix’s Push Zone is completely secured and confidential with data.
  • Resolve your queries instantly with AL – Ticketing Support System.
  • The fast, flexible, reliable, scalable and robust push zone is created to enhance the business productivity and increasing the ROI.


Pull Zone is highly useful as a communication interactive tool for m- commerce.

Customer Pull

Today’s customer plays a vital role in enhancing the business of any industry vertical. The customer is well educated and alert. The customer uses latest technology for fetching the vital information from enterprises instantly.

  • The m-commerce is based on push and pull technology. Customers create inquiry on account balance, EMI cuts, interest rates, new banking policies etc. from banking sector and get instant reply by Pull Zone facilitation.
  • The customers need market updates (stock brokers) for their daily up and downs of business.
  • The students pull the result, feedback, holiday list, syllabus etc. from an Institute.
  • The doctors, patients pull information on OPD hours, doctors availability etc. in healthcare vertical.
  • The TV, radio, print media viewers pull the information on the promoted keywords.

Workforce Pull

The workforce from junior to CXO level needs Push Zone for pulling the information on demand.

  • The employees inquire about leaves, holidays, policy, PF, ESI number, income tax cut, attendance, incentives etc. from HR and Finance department.
  • The salesforce in the field inquires for critical information required from corporate for deal closure.
  • The CXO level employees pull the critical MIS on the project anytime and anywhere.

Business Pull

The mantra to lead in the business is to interact and serve customer at a faster rate.

  • The enterprises of all industry verticals pull the information via polling, voting, contests and quizzes for new product lALnch.
  • They collect the feedback on new product, brand recognition market survey

Stakeholders Pull

The stakeholders, vendors, dealers distributors keep themselves informed by pulling the information from enterprises at right time to lead in the market.

  • Stakeholders pull the information instantly from anywhere about the business status.
  • Vendors inquire about the product’s availability in warehouse proactively to serve the customers fast.

Pull Zone: AL’s Competitive Advantage

  • Robust Technology: Fast, flexible, simple and reliable.
  • 24x7 Technical Support
  • Global services
  • Strong, efficient and experienced team
  • Compose the message and save as draft as SMS template to send it later.
  • Cost Efficient Solution
  • Worldwide reach
  • Fast and reliable services
  • Large Customer base

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