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Hiring Values

Do you have it in you?

» The insatiable thirst to gain BrainTrain.
» The quest for excellence.
» The desire to innovate in everything you do.
» The dedication and perseverance to deliver on time.
» The capability to accept challenges in work and making it happen for the client.

If yes: Be ready to join the AcquireLogix’s determined, focused, vibrant and versatile growing Team.

AcquireLogix believes in making your career a success. Join us and re-invent your real self.

Feel Us : Work Values

The AcquireLogix team member takes the full advantage of the opportunity given to him/her for accomplishing the work in desired parameters by giving “THE BEST IN HIM/HER” to deliver the excellent solution to the CLIENT. We work to make our client successful.

AL Mantra: IDIDCL is the base of our growth.

  • Innovate
  • Deliver
  • Improve
  • Differentiate
  • Communicate
  • Lead

Work Culture

Focused clear and SMART goals for our team members.

Our team members know what they have to achieve. They have clarity on the work assignment and remain focused to achieve the same with SMART goal concept. Multitalented and multitasked and yet remaining eagle eyed is what making them dynamic AcquireLogix’s workforce.

Innovation and continuous improvement in whatever we do for the company and the world. The team’s working attitude to innovate, explore, experiment, taking risk, learn, improve and implement with excellence drives them to give “THE BEST IN HIM/HER”. Innovation is present in every task we do to offer the best solution to our CLIENT. It gives great sense of achievement to our self driven team members.

Equal Opportunity to all

AcquireLogix is a global organization. We value diversity among our team members. Our all business activities are conducted without regard to race, color, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age or caste.

Performance and potential driven environment

We nurture the talent with intelligence and integrity. The Acquirelogix’s work atmosphere is charged up with performance and potential of team members. The top performers having potential to move forward are promoted.

Learning and Development work atmosphere

AcquireLogix believes that each individual has the storage of unseen potential. Digging and polishing unseen individual’s potential by providing learning and development atmosphere will give immense energy to boost business and individual’s growth.

Career : Plan – Path – Perform – Progress – Potential – Promotion – Peak (6 P’s)

Each talent hired has a growth oriented journey at AcquireLogix. The career is planned for an individual with mutual understanding and acceptance. The team member walks on the career path, show the performance and progress on the same. The potential in the team member drives him/her to give the best performance which leads to the promotion with enriched job responsibilities. The planned career progression path of the team member drives him/her to reach the peak.


AcquireLogix is full of dynamic work force. We believe in giving flexibility, empowerment and independence to achieve the tasks in the competitive business environment. Each team member at AcquireLogix is not just an employee rather shares the entrepreneurial flare and has fire to distinct the self from the mass and achieve the BEST. AcquireLogix gives the environment of flexibility which helps in balancing the work and personal life with ease and comfort. AcquireLogix make the work enjoyable for our team members.

Rewards & Recognition

AcquireLogix respects and values each team member’s effort to accomplish the work with desired parameters. AcquireLogix recognizes the efforts of the right team member at the right time at the right place. The top performers get recognition from AcquireLogix in one or the other way each moment.

Life at AcquireLogix

Corporate Citizenship

Each team member at AcquireLogix believes, respects and values the corporate citizenship. You will see the uniformity in the values of our people.

Enjoy the journey at AL – Birth, Youth, Maturity

The talent hired and inducted in the system is at birth stage. The stage progress and matures with the years spent in AcquireLogix. Each stage of life at any point of time relishes the journey at AcquireLogix. Have a look on our team members’ comments:

I joined AcquireLogix as a fresher. The enthusiastic work culture with clear vision and focused approach has helped me in igniting my career in right direction. The openness in the culture helps me in reaching the experienced talent with ease for learning more. The global outlook in the system helps everybody to give the best with fun.
Kapil Sharma (Software Developer – India Development & Operation Centre – AcquireLogix)

The dynamic growing environment with fast pace with clear SMART goals gives me immense opportunity to accept challenges in my career path. Working here gives me feeling of sense of achievement at the end of the day. The transparency in the system and vision oriented management makes me perform better every day.
Sandhya Singhal (Senior Sales & Marketing Executive – National BMS Division)

The strong vision of an organization with right kind of working environment having flexibility, empowerment and independence helps me a lot in giving quality to my work and personal life. I have learnt and developed myself a lot with great learning and development opportunities, after joining AcquireLogix Team.
Rahul Mehta (Technical Architect – India Development & Operation Centre – AcquireLogix)

The quality of work with clear career progression plan helped me in making my career progressive. The fundo work culture of the organization having its own new style makes us feel owning an organization. The High level team spirit and nurturing the new talent and showing them the right path to get the BEST from us is what I feel here. I am feeling proud to be true “AcquireLogixates” which believes in growing us with the same speed the organization is growing.
Bharti Sachdev (Talent Acquisition Executive – Human Relations Dept. – AcquireLogix)

Have fun at Fun Club

AcquireLogix’s team is highly charged up team. AcquireLogix’s “Fun Club” facilitates fun activities in such a way that each team member enjoys each fest or day with great zeal and participation. Be it Lohri, Republic Day, Basant Panchami, Valentines Day, International Women’s Day, Friendship Day, Deepotsav, Holi, Christmas, New Year, Bihu, Onum, Ganesh Chaturthi,Birthday, Anniversaries we celebrate all by spending quality time and energy.

The various fun activities, trips, matches, dress codes boost the energy level of the work environment and spread the fragrance of HAPPY and lively atmosphere.


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