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Bulk Email is referred to email that is sent to many recipients at one time. Bulk email concept is followed by business groups and companies for marketing their products and services. It can also be used by individuals to send information, invitation, photos to family or friends. Using bulk email for email marketing strategies and for promotions by companies can be done to reach existing clients and gain prospective clients as well.

Bulk Email is a powerful email utility to create, send and manage your email list. With Bulk Email you can manage opt-in emailing lists, create professional HTML messages, newsletters, and bulletins and deliver them just in few minutes.

Bulk Emailer is fast, quite customizable and easy to use. It is one of the most powerful and facile tool with its high efficacy and advanced features you can acquire best results and beat your adversaries. E-Mail Marketing or Bulk mail is a modern day popular method of doing online promotions to advertise your product or services in the market. Email marketing will give you a cost effective and maximum potential result instantly. Whether your company is in the startup level or developing state or well developed e-mail marketing plays an important role in growth.

Email Marketing is one of the least expensive marketing channels. Today, most email marketers are paying just a few paisas for each email and the ROI on the email is really high. Email marketing forms a very small part of the total marketing budget, but is still a very effective way of generating revenues. Here we take care of the smallest details to make an email marketing campaign a success. Bulk Email Solutions is the most affordable communication tool between you and your customers.


  • Completely browser based
  • Step-by-step campaign wizard
  • Option of saving a template
  • In-email dynamic content blocks
  • Powerful XML-based API
  • Full Campaign Statistics
  • Full WYSIWYG campaign editing
  • Easily Export / Import Contacts
  • Pause & Resume Sending
  • Advanced HTML editing
  • Easily upload images
  • Insert Links option
  • Unsubscribe Links
  • Make an Opt-in list
  • Spam Checking Option
  • Duplicate email address checking
  • Message Scheduling
  • Open and Click through Tracking
  • Bounce-back Handling
  • Subscription Management
  • Industry Leading Deliverability


  • Global Reach
  • Lower Cost
  • Simple & Interactive
  • Personalized
  • Anytime Marketing
  • Measurable
  • Targeted Marketing
  • Opt-in or unsubscribe options
  • Faster response, Instant Results
  • Increases brand awareness of your product, service or your company
  • Increases your sales
  • Generates repeat orders
  • Increases your average order value
  • Gains valuable feedback
  • Survey of an upcoming product
  • Real-Time Metrics
  • High Deliverability Rates
  • Testing on the go
  • Quick to create
  • High response rates

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AcquireLogix offers bulk Email solutions.

Bulk Email is referred to email that is sent to many recipients at one time. Bulk email concept is followed by business groups and companies..

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